Case and Carton Sealing

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Our case and carton sealing adhesives offer critical advantages for today's end-of-line packaging manufacturers who balance lean manufacturing with cost in use. Achieve high performance, trouble-free bonding, less adhesive consumption and unmatched versatility with the H.B. Fuller hot melt case sealers. Be confident that your packages will stay closed.


Our line of adhesive solutions perform well across varied substrates and service temperatures a range of markets, including;

• Dry foods and cereals
• Frozen foods
• Beer, spirits, water and other beverages
• Meat, dairy and other refrigerated foods
• Family, fabric and home care
• Agriculture

Featured Solution

H.B. Fuller's Advantra® hot melt adhesives offer the ultimate in performance. Our end-of-line packaging products ensure superior bonding, thermal 
pot stability, clean machining and low total cost of ownership. Even at extremely high or low temperatures, Advantra® hot melt case and carton adhesives offer the sealing advantage you need.

Advantra® PHC 8290

  • Robust adhesion
  • High heat resistant
  • Fast Setting
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Advantra PHC 8290

Advantra® PHC 9254

  • Robust adhesive
  • Wide range of heat and cold resistance
  • High tack
  • Fast setting
  • Designed for most difficult applications
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Advantra PHC 9254

Advantra® PHC 9256

  • Robust adhesion
  • Fast Setting
  • High heat resistant
  • Clean machining
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Advantra PHC 9256

Clean Melt® PHC 7005

  • Strong adhesion
  • High heat resistant
  • Low Application Temperature (LAT) adhesive
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Clean Melt PHC 7005

HM 2835Y

  • Adheres to wide variety of difficult-to-bond substrates
  • Oil-resistant
  • Fragrant-resistant
  • Freezer grade
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HM 2835Y

Swift®therm 84659

  • High heat resistant
  • Excellent hot tack
  • Very fast setting EVA for agriculture market
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Swift therm 84659

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