Engaging and Empowering Employees


H.B. Fuller 2018 Workforce Graphic

Paula Cooney,  Vice President, Human Resources for H.B. Fuller.At H.B. Fuller, we know that our employees drive the success of our business. One of our goals is to help all of our employees build fulfilling career experiences while coming together to leverage our individual skills, efficient work processes, effective tools, and a winning culture for profitability.

Our workforce has continued to grow, and throughout 2018, we worked to successfully integrate more than 1,660 employees who joined H.B. Fuller through recent acquisitions. With day-one events, in-person training, and a focus on building collaborative relationships, we have helped our new H.B. Fuller colleagues feel welcomed and valued by our company. Over the past year, we also reexamined our compensation and benefits plans to ensure we are effectively investing in our employees.

Looking toward the future, our organization continues to adapt so that we attract and retain a strong team for the next generation and beyond. Around the world, we have expanded our intern program and graduate hiring efforts. We are listening to what employees at the beginning of their careers prioritize, and we are working not only to attract these employees, but to retain them and help them develop and build lifelong professional skills.

A focus on our company culture continued in 2018. Our ongoing culture-shaping focus has helped us define what H.B. Fuller’s unified culture looks like and how we achieve our best results when, individually and collectively, we are at our best.

We are proud that H.B. Fuller offers our employees an engaging and empowering workplace.

Paula Cooney
Vice President, Human Resources

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