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We offer a full line of elastomers and specialty rubber intermediates for adhesives, sealants, coatings, and rubber compounds, providing both specialty properties for improved material performance and processing for a wide range of applications.  

We have the products you require for your every adhesive, sealant, coating and rubber compounding need or can create customized materials specifically for your application.  Our team of dedicated professionals will partner with you to achieve improved performance for natural and synthetic rubber compounds and elastomer solutions throughout a variety of markets.

Many different rubber substrates. 

Our products are widely used by those who manufacture:

• Heavy-duty lubricants and oils.
• Molded rubber products.
• Automotive tires.
• Off-road tires.
• Pressure-sensitive adhesives (PSA).
• Hot melt adhesives.
• Pressure-sensitive tapes.
• Moisture-resistant coatings.
• Sound-damping systems.
• Caulks and sealants.

KALAR® Cross-Linked Butyl Rubber
The KALAR products are partially cross-linked butyl rubber compounds. They are pelletized for easy handling and feature the performance benefits of butyl rubber, the processing ease of pellets, and the ability to maintain their properties with a high level of fillers and plasticizers. These products provide the base rubber or act as a performance additive for applications that require the properties of butyl rubber. Benefits include excellent chemical resistance, moisture and gas impermeability, good electrical properties and resistance to aging. They also impart excellent resistance to creep and flow. 

ISOLENE® Liquid Synthetic Rubber
The ISOLENE products are low molecular weight, liquid polymers of synthetic rubber whose chemical backbone is cis-1,4 polyisoprene. ISOLENE liquid synthetic rubber is a translucent, honey-colored liquid in bulk volume that is virtually clear in thin films. They offer all of the benefits of DPR liquid and natural rubber without the dark color and natural impurities from natural rubber.

KALENE® Liquid Butyl Rubber
The KALENE products are low molecular weight, liquid polymers of butyl rubber. They vulcanize at either ambient or elevated temperatures with the standard curing times for butyl rubber. These liquid polymers contain no solvents or additives. We offer two grades that differ in molecular weight and viscosity; both are extremely viscous liquids that require heat or solvent to flow freely. KALENE products provide gas impermeability, chemical resistance, moisture resistance, good electrical properties, and excellent sound-damping qualities.

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