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H.B. Fuller is a leading supplier of doming resins and equipment. Accelerate your doming process with high-performance, polyurethane doming resins, advanced dispensing/curing equipment, and compact manufacturing lines.  H.B. Fuller’s complete line of doming resins includes products that are tailored for high- or low-flow, interior and automotive applications, a wide range in hardness, and various open/working time.

Instant Cure Doming Resins

H.B. Fuller’s instant cure doming resin does not require mixing or solvent flushing. It cures instantly, reducing exposure time for dust contamination or resin flow off. Resins are mercury-, lead- and phalate-free and work well on more complex parts.



One Component Resin System Features

  • Single system quickly dispenses and instantly cures
  • Advanced dispensing for accurate dosing
  • Hand-held pendant programming
  • No mixing or solvent flushing required
  • Low maintenance and versatile
  • Low overhead costs
  • Small footprint

Two Component Doming Resins

H.B. Fuller also offers two component doming resins that work for automotive grades and have high gloss retention, high color stability, and no change in hardness. Two component doming resins are non-yellowing, self-leveling, require no heat, and have excellent weathering and abrasion resistance. They also are compatible with any machine make or model.

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